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The Victory of the Pearl

Mist dissipates
From the calm open waters
Meanwhile one small detachment of the Sisyphean Fleet
Escorts the treasure ship Amethyst
Deeper… deeper…deeper into the Narcissian Sea

Slowly, sleepily, weary from his journey
Tired Captain Chandlain appears on deck
Watching his crew pray
For another day
Without battle
Though all their deepest prayers
Cannot stop this fog from lifting

The Black Fleet is lying in wait
Crew at the ready
Stone cold, impersonal, ready for war
All eyes fixated on the Amethyst

Gradually, skies blacken
Lightning flashes overhead
Admiral Hawk rises from his quarters within
The mighty Battleship Pearl

Sisypheans tremble
Afraid of the very air they breathe
Unaware that as the fog rolls with them
Their life spans roll away

Admiral Hawk watches

Explosions shatter the ocean
One, two, three, four
One right after the other
One on each of Captain Chandlain’s vessels
The Narcissian crews’ worst fears manifested

Reluctantly, ten icy sailors
Are deployed to protect the Amethyst
Only to retreat when from over the bulkheads
One hundred eyes of fire
Greet them barely visible through their fog
The Bleak Fleet SEALs...
Captain Chandlain returns a tired volley
Crumbling rounds meeting only the depths
While the Black fleet flanks them with the speed or Aeolus

Admiral Hawk whispers
Fire at will
All of his crews respond

While the Sisypheans prepare their white flags
Over their shoulders they notice
The Amethyst is gone
Only a cold dark void where the once coveted
Ship sailed gracefully

Only a cold dark void where the once coveted ship was
Shock and awe settle in
Just as one final volley from the Pearl
All guns blazing, firing, smoking
Flashes of Hell-Fire and glorious overkill
Lands squarely on the deck
Of Captain Chandlain’s ship

Chris Kirby
3:50 PM