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Those Days

Those Days
Those beautiful sunny
I got my rest last night and
Feel great to get up this
Kind of days
The ones that seem to grab me by the eyes
Making me realize the
Rays of sun upon the snow
Reflecting, shining, radiating, smiling
It’s good to be awake
This morning
While I sit back at the desk
To attack the work set
Aside, waiting, wanting
Needing to be completed
When completely comes a
Knock knock knocking
Comes a come and get me
Kind of wrap upon the door
Then you
Yes you and you and
Nothing but you gliding
Gracefully sliding
While I can’t stop my eyeing
The way you look
This sunny lovely morning
Suddenly halted for your
Exalted, make me smile
For the rest of the day
Stunningly thoughtful and
Surprisingly selfless
Random act of kindness
Showing everyone else’s blindness
Making me see, easily, impossibly
Impossible to ignore
The way I hold it, show it
Gotta’ let you know it cause
I feel it deep inside because
You feel it deep inside
I love you loving me
This sunny lovely loving morning

Chris Kirby
10:10 AM