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Softest Kiss

We both sit on separate edges of our universe
Contemplating the time of union
Though we are already united in spirit

And such is the story of our relationship with one another
We have always been together
Even when apart, our hearts remained fused

We share the conversations that only you or I could understand
Making the kind of promises that neither of us needs to make
For our hearts already hear the words unspoken
Feeling the feelings that can only be felt

We live in each others worlds

Consumed by one another
Absolutely impassioned
And in full wanting of what the other has to offer
Freely given and put in front of ourselves

We celebrate what the two of us had and what even now we have
With a mind to repair and make it what we will have
It was beauty serenity and independence
All in balance and grace

It was the lullaby melody of your voice
Such sweet and flowing harmony within yourself
Coaxing me to sleep and guiding me to peace
How dearly comforting a flawless sensation
How pleasant a smile and a fine word from you lips
A measure of how masterful your love for me is

You clung to my words, my myths
Making a moonlight serenade
Patching together stories of love
Amidst the blankets Cassius and David
Stories with the message of love
Metaphors for the love I have for you
The love I will feel and experience always

We went to the park to experience awesome natural beauty
To hold the other in our arms
To take part in the true measure of what was right
To kiss the softest kiss
To eachother

Chris Kirby
1:41 AM