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Rediscovering You

Memories flooding back to me
Quite the sweet elixir
Emotions I still remember
Two years ago though it has been

So interesting it is to examine
What was in my heart at the time
The little things I said and did
But mostly how I felt and what I wrote

The shows we saw
The shows you were in
They all make me smile to this very day
Merely thinking about them and the joy they brought to you

I carried a single white rose to your house
Having ridden over five miles to see you
In the wee hours of the summer mornings
Worth the entire trip again and again
Just to see you smile at the door when I arrived

My feelings found their place so easily on paper
Proving with dates on the bylines of your poems
I was and largely still am under a beautiful spell
Where the inspiration couldn’t come fast enough
I needed a pen with boundless ink
To express my love for you
All the paper in the world couldn’t satisfy my need
To show you my heart and watch you smile as you examined me

I was happy and I was free
The likes of which I have not known since
I yearn for it once again

I have changed
I have become a new person
One that could give you anything you want
Freely offering what you needed
Back when I should have been there

I see now what truly caused my former elation
What gave rise to my joy in those seven months
And took me where I never thought I would go

Every time I smiled
You were smiling with me
When I felt it in my humor to laugh
We always laughed together
And when I sang my heart out
It was because you had been my muse
When you proclaimed I was yours
I said, “Yes I am,” with immeasurable pride and devotion
When we lay next to each other
It was the most relaxing, comfortable, and unified sensation
My love struck soul has ever known

So peculiar it is to look back
Finally having some amount of closure
As to why I have never felt that way without you

I was a complete person
Happy, and beaming with partnership
Having made you smile
Simple it was, and elusive as well
I want so very much to make you smile yet again
I want so very much for you to hold me for a second time

I realized that I was overjoyed
I remembered how perfect everything fit together
The world smiled on us it seemed
Every last bit of it all

Because you were overjoyed

Will you say I am yours once more?
Will you lie next to me again?
Will you grace me with an encore
To the symphony of your beautiful companionship?

Please, be with me again…

Chris Kirby
8:00 PM