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Poetry Home

A Poet's Love

Oh such a perfect release
When pen protrudes my heart
And I begin the wording of my soul

It starts with a movement
One deep within my heart
Spreading through my every limb
Like a Califonia brush fire

Perhaps as dangerous as a rattlesnake
Or as timid as a kitten
Maybe the ferocity of a Jaguar
As well as the love of a mother bear

It can kill with only words
Move mountains in a penstroke
Become a violent hurricane
Even a sweet spring breeze

To tame it, one only needs a pen
To cage it, one only needs paper
From there it soars with eagles
And chirps with the mockingbirds

Earsplitting as a freight train
Carrying as much weight too
To think where I would be
Without a friend like you

I confess my love for you
I spill it all over this page
Who needs a gun when what you've got
is a weapon called poerty?

Chris Kirby
1:39 AM