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Once Again

Once again…
I experience perfect hours
Spent with you in my sheltering embrace
While I dive deep within your gaze
As I hear Bright Lights
Surrounding our souls that seem bonded as one
For those moments in time that I dare not question

I wrap my arms a bit tighter
Perhaps because I fear that one moment may pass
And you are no longer there

I fear that within that one moment
I may loose you forever
It truly is a fear that eats me alive
Causing nightmares that kill and
Worse feelings than I can possibly imagine
That I can no longer watch over you
That I can no longer keep you safe and sound
That I can no longer be your guardian

But I continue to peer
Because there is nothing better
Nothing better than your kiss that is not a kiss
Though it is somehow able to light the most exquisite explosion of emotional fireworks
Something that can truly make me understand what it is to love
And desire nothing in return more than the smile upon your face
The very one that makes my life complete

I never experienced anything
Quite like your hand upon my cheek
Quite like your eyes searching my soul
Seeming to me that for once, through you,
I was a part of something more
Something that was indeed of a higher power
Because nothing here on earth could possibly be so correct in
Causing ecstasy beyond that which any human hath felt before
Because no two humans were closer and shared a more divine bond
Than that which I felt together with you
To the effect of my soul crying praises since it was not alone
But it was with you
As one

I have never experienced anything
So true as your caress upon my face
That says more that one million books could ever divulge
Of the pure innocence and sheer magnitude of
A simple physical gesture
Containing more feeling
Than I could have fathomed
Possessing more firepower than the Atlantic Fleet

I never experienced anything
Quite like the euphoria I felt
Quite like the blanket that warmed me
Quite like you in my arms for those perfect somber moments

Nor have I felt
Purpose beyond what I felt
Quite like protecting you through my embrace
As I honestly believed
Within my very being and existence
You were meant to be there
And I was meant to do just that

Once again… I see you before me

Once again I know what it is
That perfect harmony can be
Once again I know what it is
To say I experienced pure and untouched
Desire to make your world perfect
In order that nothing could bother you
Or touch your emotions
To make you anything
Other than the Queen of all that makes you happy
And your own destiny

Everything I have ever known before this
Seems but a cruel riddle vexing me all the while
A riddle whose answer is as complex as it is simple
There was nothing yet
I had something

I was too blind to see
Yet here it is again
Overshadowing all that was and had been
That made me believe that I was happy and content
With all that I had done and could do
Knowing all the while that I did not have the feeling I wanted
And that I did not deem it right and true to do the things
That for you only seem proper and fitting
For someone with beauty such as yours

I would travel indefinitely to save it
I will do anything that a human should not physically be able to do
But given the circumstance of love and the mandate of purpose
Will stop at nothing to ensure your beauty
Embraces the earth until the end of all our time

Yet at the same time my emotions become alarmed
Because nothing like this has ever grazed across
My universe of consciousness
Because nothing so pure has ever become a part of me
And I feel it within all former parts of me
Radiating outward and reflecting back within
To open my eyes and show you my world
Allowing everything in its own twisted cosmic way
To bring you happiness

And in that I celebrate
The things that make this statement worth being shouted
From Everest and every single corner of the globe
Among every desolate rock that needs but a ray of sunshine
To become a diamond that resembles your true inner beauty

I want you
Not for me
For you

Chris Kirby
3:16 AM