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Natural Beauty

From the depths of Earth herself
Rise above all that mortals hold dear
As divine grace witnesses thee
And witnesses what perfection is

Grow as the soft blowing grasses
Radiate as the diamond of existence itself
And be what was truly perceived of you
Natural Beauty

Light the darkness of the world
With heaven glowing from your skin
So smooth with love
So bright with hope

Show the fluidity of thy shape
From one golden share to another
With perfect relation
Natural Beauty

Thy eyes gaze within
Able to view a soul
Sensing what is honestly
Breeding in a being

Showing gentleness among doves
Innocence among infants
And companionship among lovers
Natural Beauty

Walk this land
And touch those who art blind
Yet can feel your energy
As though it were sight on unseeing eyes

Embrace the life forms of your mother
And Bless them with your
Soft and curing hands
Natural Beauty

Flow and pour silkily
And cover those parched lands
Touch and soothe purposefully
While creating a landscape pure

Peer over thy shoulder
Notice the world in awe
Nothing before has so aptly been
Natural Beauty

Know that ye be not created
Nor were ye thought upon
But understand and celebrate
You are one, true, and noble
Know that nothing is callus
No being can be angered
No life can be destroyed within your presence
Natural Beauty

Embody all that is rite and good
In this the Mother Earth
Natural Beauty

Chris Kirby
1:40 AM