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Lonely Nights

In a perfect world
Nothing but the best for her

The eyes tell a story
A situation, more or less
Of all the things this darling
Endures to get where she is

Such things as
Lonely nights with a chilled breeze blowing
Brushing lace curtains over a flawless body
The moon shining pale serenity over her smooth face
Washing away the misfortune of the day

But she wakes to the stress of reality
And peers into a shallow house
Full of indiferent souls
They don't see the life that's burning inside
A humble innocence crumbling away

But she smiles with the light of a million suns
Does just what's expected of her

I see through her layers
I see all her pain, I know it myself
The more she hurts, the closer I hold her
Until those lonely nights are done

Chris Kirby
11:24 AM