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A few thoughts on this poem:
I hold my friends closer to me than anything. And this person, to whom I wrote this poem, put a friend of mine in danger. He put my dearest in harms way. For this, I will never forgive him.

I wrote this in rage. I was at the time consumed with the most unadulterated predatory instinct in the world. I write because it helps me release this energy. It balances me with my surroundings once more. I am not a violent person, but from reading this vivid description of how I felt, I am sure you will understand that I need to let this out. So please, read and try to relate it to yourself. Ask yourself how you might feel if your dearest were suddenly placed in harm’s way. Then read it again… and share my rage.

Savage Iniquity

You place my dearest in danger
You take what was never yours
You consume the life of another
And think nothing of it in the end

The most pedestrian of accomplishments
To you is out of reach
Not even within eyesight
Too late it is
Too heartless
Too cold and inconsiderate
Too late

And it tears apart the one
Who should be closest to your heart
Into many scattered pieces
But you do not even flinch
For you are far too busy
Looking at yourself in the mirror
To see the angel crying behind you

You hold yourself above others
You seem to enjoy and revel in
demeaning and belittling that which is beautiful
And oh how it works
As you’re too busy
Looking at yourself in the mirror
To see the angel crying behind you

Oh, but I see…
I see an egomaniacal monster
One which preys on the innocent
And the trusting blessed lambs of the earth
I know who you are
I know what you are
I know about you
More than you would ever let anyone know
And I like it that way

“Know thy enemy,” they say
And I do
It’s only a matter of time
Before I make the most silent quickening movement
And your whole world crashes down in front of you
As I smile standing over your pitiful existence

For when my dearest is placed in harms way
And I want it from you
Carnage to make you hurt
Pain to make it real
And blood to balance
Savage iniquity that you so selfishly bring about

Live in fear

Fear me
Know that I study your every move
Know that the only reason you still breathe
Is by the grace of others
Who one day will no longer be by your side

I will do my best to ensure
You feel the pain you have caused
Realize the torment that my dearest experience at your hand
There is so very little left of what was human within you

Look over your shoulder
Because I may be around the next corner
And if I am
Do yourself a favor
And don’t bother struggling
For GOD himself couldn’t stop
The imminent Karma

All because you placed my dearest in danger
All because you were too busy
Looking at yourself in the mirror
To see the angel behind you crying

I saw that angel crying
I dried my dearest’s tears
I felt the most lonesome and chilling pain I have ever felt
The void that could fill the universe
If it could ever escape her heart
I saw that black and burnt ridges of your scaly hand
Leaving the scene of the crime
I dried her tears while you stood by
And planned your next attack

No more
It ends here
And if you are foolish enough to continue
Then I may actually take pleasure
In watching you wane away

Chris Kirby
12:41 AM