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With your eyes on mine
Showing a tender gaze
You scan into my soul
And behold what lies within

My words mean so very little
Only feelings can make waves
Keep gazing into my eyes
Embrace me like you'll never leave

Does the look I give tell so much?
You lay there in my sight
I want to keep you with me
For once it feels right

Don't look away just yet
Examine me, dissect me
Tell me if the eyes you see
Betray to you these words I sepak

Words are so ofter over-rated
I wish our simple minds could grasp
An expression made out in words
For my passion felt toward you

My speech has won me trouble
Heartache, confusion, torture
But I give it up to you
Wishing it not the same

I know you feel my pain
I am not the only one
That is why I trust you
For your hands hold my heart

I worry about things
That made my life a hell
You proved you are the one in the world
Who can hold me as I've held

Chris Kirby
11:43 PM