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Silly Fool

What a fool I am
What a silly fool I am
And a love struck silly fool at that

In the state of being where mathematics
Makes perfect sense on paper yet translates easily
Into matters of the heart

Laugh with me here,
For it truly is a silly concept
But easy enough to see

Lay your mind for a moment on the question: What is the derivative of love?

Hmm… Indeed, what is it?
Consider for a moment

Love is constant
And the derivative of a constant is always zero.
Yet, since love grows exponentially with respect to time
We may safely assume that love is not simply a constant by itself
Rather, it is the constant multiplier of the
Exponentially increasing emotions of two lovers
Let Loverscubed represent the incresing emotions of two lovers

Love maintains a slope of zero when by its self
However, when mutiplied, we may say vicariously
This love is connected to the two lovers
Thus, it becomes also exponentially increasing

We are able through the use of derivative rules
To prove that
LoveLoverscubed = Becomes 3LoveLoverssquared = the derivative of LoveLoverscubed
And from this we see the derivative of Love and its effect on the lovers
The derivative of Love is undefined at its endpoint
An endpoint whose derivative is increasing exponentially we may recall
An endpoint which is non existent
Thus love is always increasing and always positive
Love's domain and range is (Zero, Positive Infinity)

Practical applications of this derivative equation are everywhere
It is this simple concept that allows me to give the one I love the moon
It helps me calculate the dividend of buying blue daisies
The very ones that I give to her
Simply because a woman of her beauty should never be without flowers

You may find that my concept is indeed
Founded on very strong basses in mathematics
And that my proof above
Is indeed correct
I certainly hope to have brightened your day
Because I can say with a defined certainty
That my appreciation for calculus
Just increased by a factor Love

Chris Kirby
1:47 PM