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May I carry you
Through the night
Under the stars’ gaze
To a place so perfect
Only tears do it justice?

Might I grasp your hand
And guide thee lightly
Over the misted grass
To the cool summer eve

To embrace you
And forget the world outside of us exists
To dance across the water
A ballet atop a crystalline surface
And hide in the mist
With moonlight shining
Only for us
To take you away
From a forgotten good deed
Give you an outlet
For your own beautiful soul
Escort you to a person
Who knows when they’re loved
And shows the same equally

The waves whisper
Wishing us good fortune
The beach guides us
Toward the end of our path
With you in my arms
Ah… an evening of pure romantic ecstasy
Bathed in dreamlike serenity
For you and I

Chris Kirby
2:05 am