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Dual Romanticism

Spend the evening alone together
At home, holding each other
With music playing lightly in the background
Dance together and hold one anotherÖ
All night longÖ
Nothing more
Just something that does not cost a cent
But is worth more than the world itís self

Do you give lessons on how to be romantic?
Every guy needs some from you
I could cry, thatís beautiful

I almost cried writing it

I would want to visit
An old black and white movie
With Grace Kelly and Humphrey Bogart
Then dance in the road
To Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Ella Fitzgerald

Then take a bath together
And fall asleep feeling safe
With the person I love
Then I wake up from my happy dream world
To a big empty bed
HA! Thatís reality

Let it never be said
That you are not truly a gem of a human being
Overflowing with a truly noble thought
And loving heart
That brought a tear to my eye!
I would give anything to be
The gentleman
On the giving end of that thought

Chris Kirby and
Kendra Connely
2:20 AM