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Dear God

Still listening?
Good, glad you could find the time
I donít mean to sound rude
But where the hell am I going?

I see a road sign telling me North is South
And I must travel to the ends of the earth
Only to find myself confused and in a state
Of unwell-being

Do you make these signs?
Because if you do, have your glasses checked
Itís slightly unfair to play with the emotions
Of someone who has a hard time deciding what to do in ten minutes
Much less where to be in a month

If I am to go North, stop taking me on roads that lead South
If you give me an opportunity
And I am to take one road
Donít block it as I approach

How dare you play a game with me?
Can you tell Iím angry?
Can you see the tears Iíve shed?
How do you sleep at night?
Giving no options whatsoever
Except for one
Only to retract as if to say
ďMy badÖĒ

Damn right, your bad
Call me when you screw your head on straitÖ
Iíll be here
ĎCause I have nowhere else to go

Thanks, Kirby

Chris Kirby
1:25 PM