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Twenty Years Later:
The Characters
Twenty years can change alot. People leave while others are added, and those that stay are not the same. Here is a new list of Characters, you may notice some of the old characters are missing, and the descriptions for those that stayed may be very different. Pay close attention to who the new main characters are!
Warning! This page is rated mild for spoilers.
Explanatory Note for Frondeur Characters: As Parliament is now at war with the king, a new group called The Fronde (Frondeurs) has appeared. This group wishes to give power back to the princes and reduce the taxes; they are willing to resort to violent means to do so.
Ghost Characters
There are some characters who are only mentioned in the book, as they were important in the last or had an impact on this one. Here is an update of what happened to them.
  • Monsieur de Treville- A few mentions in the beginning of the book tell us that Treville is still captain, but extremely ill and therefore D'Artagnan has unofficialy taken over his role. By the middle of the book it is said he has retired, and a comment from D'Artagnan near the end tells us his position was held open for at least one year. There is no mention on whether he dies or not, but the real Treville became a mayor and lived till the '70s. Dumas protrays Treville as 10 years older than his real life counterpart.
  • Cardinal Richelieu- There are many mentions of Richelieu as the great cardinal, or the real cardinal. Dumas does not tell us how he died, only that he is dead.
  • Louis XIII- Also dead now. Dumas does not tell us how.

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