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Great Television Shows

I must admit that I don't watch television too much anymore. It's probably a good thing as I get to live much of my life writing, reading, and just having fun. But when it comes to good television, I know what I like. Here's my list below!
M*A*S*H Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!
A show that takes place during the Korean War about surgeons that use humour to deal with the death around them. Due to crude humor I reccommend this only to adults. BTW Gary (guy who played Radar) left because of Burnout. I only say this because of all the other reasons I've read. I know this because he wrote an exposition about it for a M*A*S*H guide I saw at the library.
Takes place underwater, every season is different. I reccommend season 1 to people who like a more serious yet laid back show, season 2 to those who don't mind wacky but funny, and season 3 to those who enjoy learning about the military.
Red Dwarf
Once again alot of crude humor, but a very funny and intelligent show. It's been described as Star Trek on acid. It takes place in the future with the last human alive, a hologram of a guy he couldn't stand, a creature that evovled form a cat and is just as egotistical, and a service mechanoid obsessed with cleaning.
Babylon 5
A five season series about a war and the people behind it. Charcterizations are awesome, and themes are well thought out. I reccommend it to adults who loves science fiction.