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My favorite works
Books to Read a Thousand Times!

I have only recently realized what wonderful friends book are to humankind. After finishing Alexandre Dumas' The D'Artagnan Romances and passing through them a hundred times over again, I find that a day is not truly enjoyable without a book. For who can discover the beauty of thousands of different people, if not for books. How else can man pass down philosophy, ideas, and imagination if not for this great tool.

Below are a list of books that I have throroughly enjoyed, and I hope you will enjoy too.

The Little Prince
A philosophical tale about a man who crashes in the desert, only to meet a small boy from another planet. This book is short and beautifuly written, so one can read it as often as one likes. This book is often shelved in the childrens section, but I highly suggest it to adults. Go find your inner child, it is a matter of consequence.

The D'Artagnan Romances by Alexandre Dumas
These books provided perhaps some of my best friends. Dear Athos, dear D'Artagnan, and oh so many others. Once I had put this book down I felt I could never read another book again, for what could compare with this valiant tale. I suggest this book to all adults.

Harry Potter (books I and II)
A wonderful childrens tale that brings together a number of epics and mythology. I love them. The main theme is the power of love and friendship!

Harry Potter (books III, IV, and V)
AMAZING BOOKS. More for adults than kids. Infact parents should take caution in reading it to kids under 13. These are brilliant tales about growing up as a teenager in a dangerous world. the power of love and friendship is taken to a level rarely seen in books anymore. "The fact that you care so much is you're greatest strength." -Dumbledore. This book is for any adult who remembers the anger, highs and lows, confusion, and life that is adolescence.

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
A frightening tale of what man can be. Excellently written. More violent than most books I would read. I definitely only suggest this book for adults. If you are interested in psychosis, military tactics, or characterizations, this is the book to read.

Enders Shadow by Orson Scott Card
A less violent, parallel novel to Enders Game. In my opinion the better of the two. This book revolves around Bean, a genius child, and how he comes to see the world. The book is an exploration on the feelings, needs, and wants of the human race. I suggest this book to adults who don't mind thinking while they read. Although more violent I also suggest the sequels: Shadow of the Hegemon and Enders Shadow.

A cute story for the young and old. This story revolves around a young girl and her encounter with The Big Friendly Giant.
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