I loved you more than anything You said you felt the same I thought we'd be together Through the sunshine and the rain I couldn't help but open up That first night in your arms Things began to heat up quickly Your eyes became guiding stars One stare into your gorgeous eyes Held me captive in my bed I wanted to take things further "Ok" is all you said You held my hand and kissed it Then undid my pants You slid them off my body And put me in a trance My heart was beating loudly As you unbuttoned down my shirt And when you finished doing so We put our bodies to work We made love in my bedroom In the dark - lights all out I cried out tears of passion And saw nothing but the light After the excitement We colapsed onto each other Sweat ran down your precious face And the moment was forever Our love was strong for quite a while I thought one day we'd marry But nine months later you dropped me And losing you was scary No more romance No more my own You're no longer with me So there's no more love I gave you my body I gave you my soul I gave you this heart I gave you control You took me for granted And threw me away It took me so long To claim sanity again So I thought that we'd marry? I guess it wasn't our fate But it's really too bad 'Cuz the sex was great
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