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The Gnomes Under The Floor

Lurking directly beneath this floor
Are the amazing gnomes of Zanzibore!
They bask in the shade
And watch in galore

These gnomes work all day
But never get paid
"We protect our society"
Is what they all say

A community that is dandy
They have beards of cotton candy
Zanzibore gnomes live in their homes
With all their friends and family

Always looking their best
In their gray-colored vests
Familiar people they'll serve
But forget all the rest

So always be cautious
And never feel nautious
Don't make too much noise
Or the gnomes will raucous

Cuz they'll rip out your legs
Feels worse than the plague
You'll plead and you'll plead
To them, you'll beg

Otherwise they are mainly nice
Like chocolate pudding or Mexican rice
But these gnomes you can't see
Cuz they're smaller than lice!