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The Girl You Once Knew

A day that just won't end
A girl that just won't lie
Her mind is cluttered up
As she begins to cry

Terrified, she thinks alone
And then an idea arrives
Her day is almost over
As she reaches for some knives

Pressing close next to her skin
The girl takes just one swipe
And since she had brought it on herself
She had no room to gripe

Slicing her wrists bloody
And struggling with the pain
No one is around
She dies alone in her disdain

Of course she's gone and spoiled it
Just thrown life all away
But all of us still hang on to
Her death until this day

And maybe friends could have helped
Convinced her maybe to stay
Comfort her and listen
Or through another way

But I guess death is so funny
That everyone laughed it off
But maybe her peers we're just too foolish
To try and get her to stop

And YOU, you COULD have helped
But now what do you do?
Babble and cry loud to your friends
And relish in the "girl I once knew"