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The Game

We're playing this game
Of love and hate
I wish that it would end, but

We say goodbye
I just sigh
Then my eyes start to tear up

And everytime you go away
I just wish that you'd stay
And all the times that we've shared
I just thought that maybe you cared

And when you come back you don't act the same
Kinda like you never liked me anyway
So we go back to playing our dreaded game
And I'm not allowed to say anything

Just thinking of you
Leaves me confused
I feel wanted and used
You used to be my friend, but

Lately our ways
Are solemn and gray
And the words that we say
Are either small or too much

Maybe our game will drift away
Maybe you'll come running back to me
Maybe the love that we once shared
Will diminish in the air

Maybe I'm stuck inside a dream
Maybe one day you'll hear my screams
All my cries to turn back time
Back to the days when we were fine