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R.I.P. Aaliyah

She was "one in a million"
To her family and friends
But she was "that somebody"
To her millions of fans

Smooth on the stage
As well as the dance floor
Aaliyah was born gifted
And so much more

Such talent and beauty
From the day she was conceived
And it all has dissolved
Yet it's so hard to believe

She brought joy to her fans
Whom she loved to the core
And who would have guessed
That's who she died for

Shooting her video
To please us all
But now she is no longer
Since that planes tragic fall

What can we do now?
But look back and cry?
Or ask ourselves why -
Did Aaliyah have to die?

She's forever in my heart
Until I, too, pass away
I just wish that her life
Didn't end this way...

R.I.P. forever Aaliyah
1979 - 2001