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I'm so restless when I sleep
My unconscious mind just won't stop bleeding
I can't sit still enough to hear myself breathe
And I toss myself into a frenzy of need
Wish I was better
Wish i was smarter
Wish that I had a normal father
So I turn to my side and glance at the time
It's after midnight and I just can't face it
Erase it
Everything that's in my past
Everytime I wound up last
All the people that just misunderstood
And all the ones who never even gave me a chance

I'm so restless and I can't sleep
My mind just won't stop bleeding
Leaking realities that I can't face
And all the love that I never got to chase

I toss, I turn, I turn out the light
Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night?
But I know that I'm wrong and my mind is right
So why should I even put up this fight?

I give up, I give in
Just let me be
Let me close my eyes and drift away in sleep
No more restless
No more reasons why this pain should exist
'Cuz I've just accepted what my life has told
And I'll always accept it until I grow old

Goodnight, mind