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My Friend George

George, we all know that you're not gay
But we still laugh and think so anyway
Your farts are disgusting
Your laugh is hideous
You're one of those kids that will never miss the bus
You're attending a preppy school
So someday you'll have a job
Not like the rest of us who'll wind up in the mob
Or maybe we're all lazy and we'll all convert to slobs?
But, George, you're much more than us
...........oh wait, no you're not!
Always equiped with pliers and new steel-toe boots
He wouldn't be seen without them cuz that'd be "terrible Bruce"
A grumpy old man in every way
He quotes the Dukes Of Hazzard day after day
A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 14 year old
He's the strangest guy I've ever known
God only knows how his mom copes with him
Well, regardless of that, he's still my friend