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For The Love Of Hate (F.L.O.H.)

Part I

For the love of hate
I'll stand in place
Without a trace
In my face
Of how I feel
When I'm done with what's real
And I'm searching for love
That just won't reveal itself

This love that I once had
All that I knew
All that was new
Inside me, it grew
And still it turned out bad
Stole my life
Took all I had

And now I hate this
The life I'm pursuing
Just what I'm doing
Nothing is soothing
I can't keep from losing

Part II

For the love of hate
I'll watch and wait
For you to see
But you don't see me
So I get real mad
You don't understand
You were the best I ever had

For the love of hate
I'll put up this gate
And stay away
From you today
But tomorrow is wrong
And yesterday's gone
Without love, life is really long

Part III

The peril of your lifetime
Will be lack in your pastimes
He shall have his death day
For the love of hate is upon him
Growing impatient with his divine nature

For the love of hate, my darling
Please understand
That you and I
Weren't meant to please society at hand
Wisk away the awful greed
And learn the love of hate

For it is among us, my dear, and it is poisoning your soul as we speak...