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Lonely Train

Days go by
Months without you
I pack my bags
We are through
I thought I could try to find
A decent place to stay
But I'm empty-handed here
I can't really afford to pay
I play guitar at the station
Then hop aboard my ride
Don't know where I'm heading
But I need a place to hide

Days go by
I'm sitting on this lonely train
Months go by
Dammit, it's so hard to explain
I open a window
To get a better view
Of my life moving on
Without you

You're gone today
Won't be back tomorrow
Now, I don't want to sound
Like I'm drowning in my sorrow
But we used to be
So friendly it seems
You were the only one
That really cared for me
And days skip by
I thought I'd try
To sing to you
If only you'd hear
The chugging of this lonely train, my dear

It's so empty singing myself to sleep at night
With you not around to tell me its allright
My ticket is booked for forever
This train will not move any slower