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Do You Even Care?

Do you even care
That I exist?
That I cry every night?
That I want to be kissed?
That I hold back emotion?
That I try so hard in school?
That I hide my real self
So you'll think that I'm cool?

Do you even care
That I'm sick as a dog?
That you've bruised my mind?
That I'm writing a song?
That it's all about you?
That you treat me so wrong?
That I write out my feelings
So maybe someday we'll get along?

Do you even care
That we're not like we were?
That I can't even trust you?
That our past is a blur?
That I struggle for contentment?
That I'm not getting sleep?
That I'm losing all my faith
So fast I have no time to weep?

Do you even care
That I'm loading up this gun?
That I'm turning to suicide for an answer?
That I've no place left to run?
That I'm ready to pull the trigger?
That this is my last goodbye?
That from the way I figure things
You'll feel better once I die?