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Don't Test Me Today

Please don't test me today
I'm running low on happiness
Running out of confidence
And drained of excitement.

My mind is so overwhelmed today
My friends either hate me or have some more bad news to tell me
It's a nightmare, honestly

Don't tell me any more of your problems today
I can't even think for myself
So much is happening and maybe I'm the one who needs help I've got Tiff whose boyfriend is about to snap
April whose with Gary and whose grandmother just passed
I've got the other April with her new boyfriend
And Kyle wants me to call him but I don't have the time

Christian who misses me and wants to hang out
George who stops by and talks his own problems out
Corey, whose ex was using him
And Amanda who is just way too annoying

I can't forget my best friend Shannon who dissapeared
Haven't seen the girl for half a year
Then visits me and adds her own drama
She's still fucked up on drugs and has way too many problems

And when i try and talk over my life
She fails to listen, you know what that feels like?
My words are trampled upon by her own issues
So once again i'm stuck,dead on, in the middle

My dad calls and tells me he's coming here in April
Who does he think he is just showing up like that?
I don't want to see him and I don't need his shit
My spring break will be ruined just because of this

Mr. Meg has been out and Mr. Harris has taken over
Mrs. Megules died last week and yet I'm still trying to get over
We're training for St. Patricks day in marching band
And our Teen Arts performance is right up around the bend

My school life's demanding and nobody cares
Only thing that cheered me up was dying my hair
I've got this internet bullshit that's wasting my time
I dont even have time to break down and cry

And you wonder why I'm such a mess?
Or you think that nothing goes on in my head?
Well, you're so wrong and i'm warning you now
Please don't even THINK of testing me today!