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Climb The Highest Mountain

Climb the highest mountain
Tell me what you see
Black clouds all around you
Dying humanity

Can you hear the wildlife
Struggling with extinction
Feel your lungs start caving in
From all the world's pollution

Black clouds float and hover
Above your gloomy fate
A storm arouses swiftly
No chance left for you to take

While caught up in the moment
Your legs begin to shake
You tumble down the mountain
Blown by a rumbling quake

Thunder is rolling rapid
In the dark unwilling sky
The lightning crashes loudly
You're left alone to die

Your leg is badly broken
Blood runs down your face
Just when you thought you'd had enough
A rock falls out of place

The massive chunk heads near you
It has separated from the mountain
You try to crawl out of the way
And wish you had a better plan

You inch away just barely
But apparently not in time
And while praying to Jesus Christ
The boulder takes your life

So climb the highest mountain
And tell me what you see
Black clouds all around you
Oh, the dying humanity