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My new Beach Boys website! Thanks for stopping by. There are several websites that are tons better than mine, (more information, pics, etc.), but I wanted to create a site where I could discuss with the rest of out wonderful world the music that I love. I know that is selfish, but hey, the web was designed to be selfish. Hmm, yes, that will do... anyways, on with it.

Band Members

The Beach Boys were a band made up of several especially talented members, each of whom I will attempt to give you a little personalized essay/bio of here. Like most bands they had many supporting people and temporary members as well, and I will even try to get to them. Wow, I have too much free time.
  • Mike Love
  • Brian Wilson
  • Dennis Wilson
  • Carl Wilson
  • Al Jardine
  • Bruce Johnston
  • Blondie Chaplin & Ricky Fataar
  • Van Dyke Parks


    After having been basically brought up on oldies music like The Beatles, The Four Seasons, Elvis, and the like, I certainly heard more than my share of The Beach Boys during my childhood. But then again, who hasn't. Their music has totally become part of the musical landscape and embedded itself right into the world's psyche. Who hasn't heard "Surfin' USA" like 180 million times? But how many people can name off any 3 Beach Boys albums? Grooved into the Beach Boys' almost 30 albums is a treasure trove of fabulous music that takes you places that you would never expect to go. So grab your surf board. If you don't have one, an ironing board will do; if you don't have one of those, umm, get one. Let's go trippin'!


    Cabinessence -One of the best Brian Wilson and Beach Boys site I have been to. Loaded with info.