After all things

TITLE: After all things

AUTHOR: Katester1013

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RATING: PG I guess... possibly even G

KEYWORDS: Post-ep for all things

SPOILERS: all things (duh), little ones for Dreamland II and Monday

SUMMARY: A continuation of the end scene in all things

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Please bear in mind when you read this that A) this is my first ever story, B) I am only 16 and C) No one beta read this, I just typed it out one evening and decided to post it. Any mistakes are my fault. (more notes at end of story)


The first thing Scully was aware of as she woke was the persistent pounding of the rain on the window. As she slowly became more aware, she noticed the stiffness in her neck, the scratchy wool of the blanket she was covered in and the light snoring coming from the next room.

She rose from the couch and wandered into the kitchen. Pulling a glass from the sink, she rinsed it and refilled it with water.

A quick glance at the time on Mulder's oven told her that she should be asleep now. It was just after 2 a.m. and she had been moving almost all day. She had only relaxed after she and Mulder had returned to his apartment and sat on his couch, warm mugs in hand.

Stifling a yawn, she padded quietly into the living room and looked out the window over Mulder's desk. The rain was coming down in sheets and there was a decent amount of lightening flashing nearby. The thunder was almost a low continuous grumble now, and she guessed that the cold front that was doing go much damage in southern Virginia had finally worked it's way up to Washington.

When the sleepy voice came from behind her, she jumped. "Don't think you should drive home in this. Be dangerous."

Her partner stood on the other side of the room leaning against the door frame that led into his bedroom. He was wearing the same black t-shirt as he was earlier that evening, but he had changed from his jeans into some dark boxers.

"I thought you were asleep. I didn't mean to wake you."

"I was just dozing." He replied. "I heard you get up and figured you'd be thinking about driving home and would need me to talk you out of it." He was clearly more awake now.

"I wasn't actually going to drive back in this. I was gonna wait until it eased up a little." Scully lied. She had had every intention of driving home and crawling into her warm bed in the hopes of getting a few hours of rest before she had to go to work.

"Well, you can crash here, I'll grab the couch if you like. It doesn't really agree with other people that well. I think I might have worn a dent into it or something."

Normally Scully would have refused the offer, claiming that she would be fine on the couch. Tonight though, all she wanted to do was to be warm and comfortable and be able to wake up feeling refreshed. After all that had happened over the last couple of days, she was worn out. She had never expected to see Daniel again, and to have him pop back into her life so suddenly was a complete shock.

"Thanks," she smiled, "can I borrow something to sleep in. I forgot to pack a bag"

Mulder smiled. To be able to make jokes, no matter how weak, at this hour, was a skill most people lacked. "Sure. Just help yourself."

"Thanks." She replied as she slid through the door past him.

Pulling the door closed to just a crack, Scully moved over to his tallboy to find some suitable sleeping attire. She skipped the top drawer, knowing it was his designated sock drawer, and pulled the second drawer open. She selected the smallest pair of boxer shorts in the drawer and grabbed one of his white undershirts. Removing her restrictive professional clothes, she slipped them on. Wearing only Mulder's boxers and shirt, she headed to the bathroom.

When she emerged a few minutes later, she noticed that Mulder had come into the room and straightened the bedclothes, leaving a corner folded down. This made her smile, as she couldn't remember the last time someone had turned her bed down for her. She also noticed that he had picked her clothes up from where she had left them piled on the floor. They were now draped over the end of his bed neatly, so as not to put any more wrinkles in the fabric.

Scully couldn't restrain her smile as she made her way towards the bed. She looked at Mulder's alarm clock. It was 2:34a.m. She could get at least two and a half hours sleep before she had to go home to ready herself for work.

She lowered herself into the comfortable bed, wondering momentarilary when Mulder had replaced the waterbed. As she pulled the grey comforter over herself, she caught a whiff of a distinctly familiar smell. It smelled like Mulder's aftershave, laundry detergent and something that was only describable as the smell of him. She inhaled deeply, letting the familiarity of the scent calm and relax her.

She could hear Mulder wandering around in the rest of his apartment, and it was comforting to her to know that she wasn't alone. Her eyes grew heavy and the last thing she heard as sleep claimed her was the hammering of the rain punctuated but the low rumble of thunder.


She saw Daniel before her. His face was contorted in pain and he was clutching at his chest. A nurse came running into the room towing a crash cart. "Dr. Scully, can you help him? I can't find any other doctors!" The nurse asked her in a panic.

Daniel was now unconscious and Scully knew it was only a matter of time before brain damage occured due to lack of oxygen to the brain. She reached out for the defibrillator paddles and held them up so the nurse could squeeze conductive gel all over them. She shouted "CLEAR!" and placed the paddles on Daniel's chest, depressing the buttons that would deliver the life-saving shock. The shock however, didn't come. She tried again, shouting at the nurses gathered in the room to clear, but again, nothing happened.

She looked at the the man laying on the bed, looking for a sign of life. Her eyes widened when they fixed on his face. It was no longer Daniel laying on the narrow hospital bed, but t was Mulder. His face was relaxed, but he had no pulse and Scully knew that without circulation, he would surely die. His heart monitor indicated that he had no pulse, and Scully looked at the paddles in her hands. Without a second thought, she pressed them to his chest and pressed the buttons,not even bothering to warn the nurses of her intentions. When Mulder's body failed to be pushed off the bed by the force of the electrical current flowing through him, she depressed the buttons again. Once more, nothing happened. She looked up at the machine, noticing that it was fully charged and looked completely operational. She pushed the buttons again and again, and still, nothing happened.

After a few more attempts to save her dying partner's life, a nurse came up to her and grabbed the paddles from her hands. "There's nothing more you can do. It's been too long. I'm sorry, he's gone."

"NO!" Scully screamed at the nurse. "I have to help him!" As she tried to snatch the paddles from the nurses hands, she felt a pair of strong hands grasp her around the shoulders. She tried to fight them off, but they held tight to her. Shaking and crying, she kept trying to free herself from the unseen person's iron grip, but to no avail.

Then she heard it. Mulder's voice, calling out to her softly. She turned around quickly, but instead of seeing Mulder laying on the bed behind her, she saw Daniel. As she looked at him, his face began to change into that of a laughing Buddha.

*the next bit*

As she awoke, she sat bolt upright in bed. There was a mixture of sweat and tears streaming down her face. She felt the strong hands on her shoulders again and spun around. Seeing that the only person behind her was her partner, she relaxed and shut her eyes.

"Scully... are you alright?" He was worried about her. He had been sitting on the couch channel surfing with the TV on mute, when he had heard Scully tossing around in bed and whimpering quietly. As he rose from the couch to come into his room to check on her, he heard a loud 'NO!' coming from the room. He came quickly into the room and saw Scully, tangled in his bedclothes in the midst of a nightmare. He had perched on the side of the bad and gripped Scully's shoulders in an attempt to rouse her, but she seemed to be trying to fight her off. He said her name and that was when she woke up, looking scared and confused.

"Scully... you were having a nightmare. It's ok, it's over now." He told her in a soft voice.

This was all it took to shake her free from the sticky cobwebs of her dream. She leaned forward into his embrace. Resting her head on his shoulder, she drew a shaky breath and released it slowly through her nose.

Mulder felt her heart hammering in her chest. He moved his hand from her shoulder and spread his fingers over her smooth back. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and she had started to tremble lightly. Moving his other hand from it's position on her shoulder, he used it to smooth her hair.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

A slight nod was her reply. He looked around the room for her shirt, but when he moved to get it from the other end of the bed, she grabbed his forearm tightly. Pulling away from her for just a second, he pulled his black t-shirt off over his head and placed it over Scully's. She released her grip long enough to push her arms through the sleeves and then wrapped them loosely around his waist, feeling the smooth, muscular expanse of his back.

As she relaxed, her breathing settled into the steady rhythm of his and pretty soon, she felt herself growing tired once again. She inhaled deeply. The smell of Mulder's neck was a hundred times more comforting and familiar than that of his bedclothes. Soon, she fell into a restful slumber.

After a while, Mulder's back began to knot up and bagan aching from the position he was in. Once he was certain that Scully was fast asleep, he lowered her gently onto his pillows and covered her with his comforter.

Standing, he stretched his backand felt the knots begin to loosen. He looked down at his sleeping partner, now curled into a tight ball on her side, and made a descision.

Walking around to the other side of his bed, he slipped silently under the covers and positioned himself behind Scully. He slipped his arm over her narrow waist and splayed his fingers over her flat stomach. Breathing in the sweet smell of her hair, he sighed in satisfaction and was soon asleep.

~Later Still~

The first thing she was aware of was the fine hair on Mulder's chest tickling her nose. As she awoke, she remained still and remembered last night. Thinking of the way he'd held her and placed his shirt on her brought a smile to her face.

She took stock of her current position. She was laying on her left side with her cheek pillowed on Mulder's shoulder. His right arm was wrapped around her back, with the palm of his right hand flat against her back. Her right arm was thrown over Mulder's chest and her hand was covered by his much larger one.

Angling her head, she looked at Mulder's face. His mouth was slightly open and he was snoring very quietly. She glanced past his face bad to look at his alarm clock. It was 4:48. She should get back to her apartment to get herself ready for work. Slipping out of Mulder's arms, she gathered her clothes and headed for his bathroom.

When she emerged a few minutes later, Mulder was still asleep. As she was putting her jacket on, she noticed that the storm had pretty much passed. All that remained of it was the wind.

As she went to leave his room, she walked past Mulder and stopped next to his sleeping form. Placing a hand lightly on his chest, she bent down and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Smiling, she stood back up and left the room.


Well... that was it. If you liked it, good, if not, then too bad, because I had fun writing it!

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