The Warriors of the Dragon Clan

Breath of Fire is an RPG series published by Capcom. The story centers around Ryu, a warrior of the dragon clan, and Nina, a princess of Wyndia. All four games feature 4 different casts, even though there is a Ryu and a Nina in each game.

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A young cat man. Rei gets by in life by stealing whatever he needs to survive. However, he also takes care of other young orphans that cross his path. Rei's heritage hides a dark secret.

Strategy: Rei is quite quick. Use his fast attacks to bombard your enemies with constant attacks.
Battle Plan: If your character is slow, wait for Rei to use his special moves, because he has a fairly hefty recover time. This makes a perfect time to counter. If your fast, stay away from him and use ranged attacks to keep him back.
  • Chain Combo, Dagger Rush or Piercing Pilfer
    Similar To: Sabertooth, Storm

    Stats: Power: 5 Energy: 5 Defense: 4 Speed*: 8 Ratio: 2

    Special Moves:
    Itaraki*: A jumping dagger slash. Japanese for "I got it"
    Dagger Rush*: Runs through the enemy while slashing them
    Magic Ball*: Shoots a ball of energy straight forward (S)
    Jolt: A bolt of lightning comes from the sky (A)(S)
    Basic Throw: Hops up, lands on the enemies head, and kicks them down
    Bonus: Wall Cling, Wall Jump
    Launcher: A rising knife slash

    Hyper Attacks:
    Myollnir*: A large bolt of lightning jumps off of Rei's finger. 16 hits (S)
    Piercing Pilfer: Dashes forward (C) and hits a total of 10 hits. Itaraki finishes.
    Weretiger: Rei becomes a weretiger, Power up by 5, player loses control. Lasts 10 secs.

    Enter: Quickly unsheathes his daggers
    Taunt: Shrugs with a question mark overhead
    Victory: Sheaths his daggers

  • Teepo

    An orphan in Rei's care. Teepo is a powerful magic user and equally skilled with his blade. Like Rei, Teepo also has no knowledge of his past or heritage. After being separated from Rei, an evil goddess causes Teepo to stray from the light.

    Strategy: Teepo works best as a spell user, but also has a decent sword technique. Try to use a variety of attacks to confuse you opponent.
    Battle Plan: Teepo is fairly weak all around. His energy is high, but his specials are pretty slow and only Simoon and Freeze have long range.
  • Chain Combo, Rage Blade or Rage of the Dragon
  • Capture Bubble, Freeze, Dragon Breath
    Similar To: Magneto, Strider

    Stats: Power: 5 Energy*: 7 Defense: 4 Speed: 5 Ratio: 2

    Special Moves:
    Rage Blade*: An around-the-body sword attack
    Capture Bubble*: A large bubble will capture the enemy (A)(W)
    Simoon*: Teepo throws a ball of wind energy (B)
    Frost: A fan of ice erupts from Teepo (W)
    Freeze: Fires a ball of ice energy. Stuns the enemy(W)
    Basic Throw: Encases his enemy in ice, and throws them away. Stuns
    Launcher: A rising sword slash

    Hyper Attacks:
    Glacier Spire*: A large spear of ice forms in front of Teepo. 14 hits (W)
    Dragon Breath: A ghostly dragon appears overhead and breaths icy breath for 14 hits (W)
    Rage of the Dragon: Teepo moves forward while delivering a series of 10 Rage Blades

    Enter: Grows from little boy to adult
    Taunt: Expresses anger
    Victory: Snaps his blade into its sheath and stands in the wind.

  • Garr

    An immensely powerful warrior. Garr is the champion five years running in a brutal Martial Arts tournament. Ryu fights him against his will, because he is being black mailed to do so. After beating Ryu, Garr decides to help the young man, angering the Assassin Guild in the process.

    Strategy: Garr is one big lug, so let the enemy come to you. His specials are ideal for playing the waiting game. If confronting a projectile user, use Mind's Eye to raise his speed, then get in before it wears off.
  • Sweep Combo, Burn or Inferno
    Similar Fighters: ??

    Stats: Power*: 8 Energy: 4 Defense: 6 Speed: 3 Strength: F Weakness: W Ratio: 2 Size: L

    Special Moves:
    Burn*: Creates a pillar of flame on the enemy (F)
    Guardian Slash*: Spins his spear behind him and then thrusts forward powerfully. Can be charged
    Harpoon*: Throws a spear upward at an angle.
    Guardian Spin: Spins the spear over his head. Good for hitting jumpers.
    Basic Throw: Impales the enemy on his spear and slams them into the ground
    Launcher: A mighty uppercut

    Hyper Attacks:
    Inferno*: A hyper of burn. Creates 3 giant pillars one at a time. 15 hits (F)
    Mind's Eye: Raises all of Garr's stats by 2. Lasts 10 seconds
    Guardian Attack: Does a Guardian Slash (C) and moves the spear in a circular pattern. 7 hits

    Enter: Draws a line of flame that turns into a spear.
    Taunt: Plants his spear in the ground and raises his arms
    Victory: Throws his spear away, and it bursts into flames