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About Thrall's Assassins


  • 10:41 pm 11/14/2005
    The forums are up! I will be adding more topics of discussion later and modifying user groups to see certain topics and all that great jazz. Anyway if you have or make any friends that wish to join the guild simply tell them to make a post on the recruitment forum, and have them read the topic I made about what to post. See you guys on agamaggan - Eatthis

  • 7:00 pm 11/14/2005
    Hey guys and girls Eatthis here your Guild Master. This is recruitment week for the guild, all members of rank memeber or higher can /ginvite anyone they want to the guild, this is only going on until the forums are up. Then I will require a much more formal request to join our guild. I am currenlty in exam week at school, and will be very busy with school all week, so if I'm not that active this is the reason why. Also I am not a dictator, I am all for democracy, so if there is anything you disagree with me doing feel free to let me know. I am understanding and will listen to any input from any of the guild members. You can contact me via AIM: punxrulz63 Email: or on WOW if I am on.

    Attention to new and current members: Please check the members page of the site, if you are either not on the members page or some of the information is wrong (disregard the level, I will update that as much as I can) please drop me an email:
    What I need in the email:
    Player name
    The professions you plan on doing
    If you can do this for me I will greatly appreciate it, hope to see all of you on WOW and death to the Alliance!