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The Frozen Inn Site is Live!
Posted By Zumedan On 7/12/2005

Hello everyone! I'd just like to inform all of you that the website is up and running! Currently it is still under construction but is coming along extremely smoothly. Please help support the page by using the forums, guestbook and registering your e-mail address and character name. Hope you guys enjoy it! Take care!

I would also like to give the valued credit that Fotien deserves on all of his hard work on this website as well. Please give your thanks to him as well since he has done just as much with this website as I have.

More Info On Site and Forums
Posted By Zumedan On 7/12/2005

Once again, the new content patch has been released! 1.6 is here now; but sadly enough no servers came with this content patch. If this website is put to good enough use, and the bandwidth runs out, don't be scared; I just might upgrade it and get our own domain name. But that is depended on all of you! You guys make the decision. Stop by the contacts page and the members and read up on it. It's very important. Also new forums are live on WoWGuru! The link is here!

Changes to the Website
Posted By Zumedan On 7/12/2005

I'd just like to let all of you know that the website is most likely going to go through some major changes to cooperate with our forums on WoWGuru. These changes will not only make it better for the designers, but also will be more organized for the users, look better, and overall be a lot more awesome! These changes will be in effect probably in a few days. Thanks Crmrdvd!

The Frozen Inn's Teamspeak
Posted By Zumedan On 7/12/2005

I'd like to also add to this site the IP of The Frozen Inn's Teamspeak server. The IP address is Don't have Teamspeak? Click here to go to their website and download it for free! Don't have a headset? Doesn't matter, if you'd like you can still join us and listen in on the chat, no problem.

Previous Poll Closed, New one Open!
Posted By Zumedan On 7/13/2005

The previous poll has been close officially and the vote has been tallied. The WoWGuru layout will be what the site will look like either today or tomorrow and will be integrated with the forums. The WoWGuru layout only won by a mere 21:17 votes. Thank you all for voting and stating your opinion!

Time for a new poll everyone! As stated above, we are being changed and would like to know what YOU think of the website! Please keep in mind that site was AND is under construction right now. Enjoy!