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Last updated: Monday February 13th 2006

100 new Killer Sudoku Puzzles available for download.

Welcome to, over 300 free puzzles online now!

Su Doku is the number placement game that has taken the world by storm. Every single day (or when I get time to update at least) this site will host two brand new Su Doku puzzles and a daily Killer Su Doku (including weekly Five-Star Su Doku, additional Killer Su Doku, Samurai Su Doku and Super Su Doku! - look in the Special Su Doku section).

Click here for 'Sudoku for Kids' sheet featuring 18 puzzles of increasing size and difficulty
requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Super Samurai Su Doku puzzles (1 and 2) available here and here
Solutions to Super Samurai 1 and Super Samurai 2
requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Solutions for 'Sudoku for Kids' and 'Super Samurai' puzzles are available by request via the e-mail address below.

All puzzles printed on this site Sudoku-A-Day 2006 and should not be reproduced.

Any comments or suggestions: e-mail

New to Su Doku? Find out how to solve here

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