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Caution: if any of these programs, emulators, homebrews, cracks, mods, Ect, BRICK your PSP I'M NOT RESPONCIBLE for it, HOMEBREW AND EMULATORS CAN BRICK YOUR PSP!!!! Although they are fun, they can brick your PSP, SO BE CAREFUL

IMPORTANT: You will need WinRar to open many of these files, (go to and search for WinRar downloads). Also I would like to give credit to WAB (, PSP-Hacks(, and PSPCrazy(, I got most of these programs, apps, and homebrews from them. I give them full credit, i just want to make an archive of psp downloads. If you need help using them go to,,, or email me at If you have a problem with this website email me!!!


A program like KXpiolt, except it hides "corrupted data" on the psp menu.


Single memory card direct homebrew loader for PSP 1.50.


A very usful tool for homebrew users, it scans EBOOT files for suspicious code.

PBP Unpacker

A highly flexible PBP editor, thats extremly easy to use.

WiFi Jukebox

Use this to steam music directly to your PSP, pretty easy to use.