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Chrysamere + Lords mail - To get Chrysamere and Lords Mail you must do the missions for the imperial legion in ebonhart

grand council chambers and then duel the leader of the imperial legion for them.

Ice blade of the monarch - Found in rotheran a dunmer stonghold on the south part of sheogorath region

Umbra - Kill umbra on some hills near Suran

Masque of Clavicus Vile - I think you find it in sorkavilds tower near dagon fel.

Really good Helm - Do a quest for a daedra on the sheogorad region

Really good boots - Found in Ald Daedroth east of sheogorad region

Daedric Greaves - Orvas Drens villa in Dren plantation

Full set of Dwemer armour - Someone wears it in dren plantation