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Link 0350's Runescape Fansite
Link 0350's Runescape Fansite
****update 10/8/09**** Hey just got back to RS and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do lol Lookin forward to updating this site with some new stuff!! rawr!! Just a photo album of screen shots Ive taken in a great game called runescape. More pictures to always be added. *attention* There are 5 pages of pictures so far. The link to them is right above the tumbnails. Also click on "view full size image" to further enlarge the pics. COMMENTS ARE MODERATED. Therefore, don't waste your time writing something stupid or immature cause no one will see it but me, and whatever you do, don't hurt my feelings (can you sense the sarcasm?) =P
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96 fishing 
I'm back =p

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