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GetAmped KICK ASS Inc. Project by vadis


This is DEFINITELY not our main business. These things were made for pastimes, design practice and fun. GetAmped skins, wallpapers, characters and the experimental KICK ASS Inc. Cartoon Project made by vadis, inspired by GetAmped Online Fighting Game that (hopefully) can be made into a movie.


And this site is merely a storage for all the stuff we've made while playing this game. We also made vadis' original Martial World (cartoon project) characters as skins and 3-D samples. Well, you can download the skins and stuff for free (for the time being), use them on your GetAmped character and have fun with them. You can also submit your own skins to be displayed here, but as this site has very limited space, we will select the ones with greater quality and appeal. (See details in 'Contact Us')


Forums, discussions and community management is NOT available in this site, so if you should want to discuss and know more about GetAmped, please visit the GetAmped fansites listed in the 'bookmarks' section. We don't receive requests to make skins. We simply make anything of our fancy and maybe can be popular in the game. We're not trying to be the best, but simply to express ourselves. So, enjoy!


N.B. : This is an international site. We use English as our primary language, so for those who can't speak English we are sorry for the inconvenience.


GetAmped Online Fighting Game - Indonesian Site

GetAmped Online Fighting Game - Indonesian Fan Site

GetAmped Online Fighting Game - International Site


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