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Our version of BUNCO involves three tables of four players each; the players take turns rolling three dice.  The tables are numbered one, two, and three, (beautifully created by RITA) with table number one being the Head table.

  A game is played by pairing the players who are across from one another as a team.  The games starts when the Head table rings the bell and declares what  number we are rolling (Rolling 1's, Rolling 2's, etc.....)  Everytime the declared number is rolled, you and your team member score 1 point. A WINNING round consists of 21 points & you yell out OVER.

  If 3 of the same number are rolled (beside the declared round #) you have a baby bunco and you score 5 points & circle 1 baby B on the front of your score sheet.  If 3 of the declared  # is rolled, you yell BUNCO, the round is over, your team player & you circle that # you were playing to declare a win.   The person who rolled the Bunco circles one of the Big BUNCO letters on the front of the sheet, and you move on to the next table.

  The losers of the round put an X on the # you were playing and switch seats at the same table, so they now will have a new team partner.

If a **TIE** occurs when someone yells OVER or BUNCO,  each player get 1 more turn to roll.  The highest points tallyed by a team, wins that round.

If you are currently tallying points when OVER or BUNCO is yelled, you can continue rolling until you no longer roll the specified # that is being rolled.  This gives you a chance to also roll a BUNCO.  If this occurs (2 people rolling a BUNCO in the same round), the 2nd BUNCO person would get the gold BUNCO bag.  If this happens at the end of the night, both BUNCO winners would split the $$$$$$ in the gold BUNCO bag.