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These are some games p1
These are some movies. p1
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Games and movies
Monday, October 17, 2005
Here are some cool games.
Topic: These are some games p1
These are some games i thought were cool.

This games is a great strees releaver.

This one there is nothing you need to to exept watch.

This one you go around killing orcs and goblins its not bad.

This one is mini golf.

This is so point less.

This one you just shoot stuff like castle defender.

This is a classic.

This is a matrix one were you kill people.

This is like the castle one but the original (both of them do not have a final level).

This one you are an archer and you want to kill the other guy.

This one you shoot balls and make the others go away.

For all of these you have to copy and past.

Posted by games6/adamssite at 10:04 AM
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
If you are board these are some cool stuff
For all of the websites just click on it and if it does not work then highlight it then hit ctrl plus c and then to past it ctrl v.

This one is about some Hyper kid in a competion with a "bow-staf"

This one is about A crazy hockey brawl were the white team get owned (for you people who dont know
much"owned" is anyother word for absoluty destroyed....anyways) and there is a Ref that gets sucked into the
bench at the end so look for it.

This one is about a "street ninja" the guy does some pritty cool stuff... The music is not bad either.

There is two different ones of crazy ping pong so tell me what one is better i think i know what one is thought (the second one right).

This one is about someone who doesnt have anything to do so he masters the foosball table.

This one is about something that will only happen once in baseball (for all i no anyways)

This one is about a soccer goalie that knows that he is good.

This one is about a guy that does something worng in his kick.

This one is about a goalie that doesnt know what just happened.

This one is a game that you go around and try to light torches and this could take up a lot of time (if your in a bad mood then DO NOT i repeat do NOT play this).

This one i about so ninjas and they are in white... Look for people in black.

This is a guy that makes cool looking stuff out of sand.

This one is matrix ping pong.

If any of these do not work please tell me and i will try to get you it again.

Posted by games6/adamssite at 8:24 PM
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