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Animal Crossing

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KK Samba
KK Ska
KK Song
KK Soul
KK Steppe
KK Swing
KK Tango
KK Technopop
KK Western
Lucky KK
Mr. KK
Only Me
Rockin' KK
Senor KK
Soulful KK
Surfin' KK
The K Funk
Animal Crossing Theme
Two Days Ago
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Music ripped by Pirate Yoshi for entertainment use only! Original score composed by Kenta Nagata (Field BGM), Toru Minegishi (Indoors BGM), and Shinobu Tanaka (Event BGM). Animal Crossing's Sound Director is Kazumi Totaka (who provides the voice of everyone's favorite Nintendo character...^_^) Please use these files in a legal, ethical way, as Yoshi Stadium is not responsible for any problems or law-related issues that may arrise; selling these files is against the law, and takes away funding from game developers that should be used to make newer, better games for us to enjoy! So, please be curtious! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Thank you.