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X-Plane Aircraft

I have been a major fan of Austin Meyer's incredible accomplishment for several years. Ever since version 5.66 I've been interested in creating planes for this awesome simulator. Needless to say I am a proud supporter of Laminar Research.

Feedback is very important to me. Please leave any comments if you have the time, whether it is positive or negative please don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a post on the refering page from



To those of you that have been here before, I have updated my page and added another plane and will soon add a few more. To those of you that have never visited before you will never know the difference.

10/8/2004 A major overhaul of planes approaching! I finally downloaded 7.61 and am revamping most planes. All 7.00 Beta are non-transferable but all planes after will be brought up to date. (For those of you who have played Ace Combat 3, I am in the process of developing the X-49 Night Raven. For those of you who haven't, the X-49 is pretty awesome.)

11/18/1956 Major overhaul complete. All aircraft with the exception of those saved as version 7.00 beta or lower are now saved as version 7.61 to ease you the trouble of resaving and fixing small bugs. I am also happy to say that I have finally got around to uploading the X-49 as it is so far. It is not complete but it flys beautifully. Go on, download it, I know you want to.

5/18/2005 I updated my site, it's been kinda screwed up lately. So errors are fixed and I've added a new section! Upcoming Aircraft, it'll show off some of my concepts and such so you can marvel at my incredible ingenuity. Anyway, I am currently working on the F-36 Sterik and ADF-01 Falken. I also have a spacecraft in the making, it'll be up in a while also.

8/1/2005 I have updated the site with my new plane the UF-01 UCAV. It's a great plane to fly, and very fun. From now on all planes will be downloaded from the forum download section, so all planes will be hosted there.

12/11/2005 Well so much for hosting on they killed the forum download section as far as I know. I'll have the planes that were hosted there up soon, but for now I'll have you know I completed a really cool airliner design!...The A-400Bx.....a boxwing design that can achive mach 2.5. Very cool....

03/17/2006It's been FOREVER!!....I just finished making the Israeli Lavi!...YAY. I finally did it. Anyway...the plane is awesome and I will have the IAF version of it out in a little while as well...

Aircraft Downloads

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