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Divinus Fold

Divinus Fold Leadership
  • Dummorizor - Priest (King)
  • Kilter - Paladin (Lord)
  • Mykian - Rogue (Lord)
  • Azereil - Mage (Lord)
  • Vinde - Paladin (Lord)
  • Kagesogen - Druid (Lord)
  • Cypher - Hunter (Duke)
  • Daalar - Warrior(Duke)
  • Cuervo - (Duke)

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Divinus Fold News - Updated 2:50 pm pst

We will soon be starting planned instances. One or two of the Lord's will be taking a full group through the different instances, on planned days anbd times, that should work for as many people as possible. If u want to go, and can't contact a Lord in advance, sign up in the forums. Members, should try to get as many of the quests as possible ahead of time, and make sure they have room for additional quests. Please no absurd requests to go on the instances, such as an instance 10 levels higher than you are, because we will have to spend the whole time resurrecting you, and it will slow an already tedious process.

-Duke Daalar 6/26/05

Wecome - 2:54 pm pst 6/26/05
This is my first website, so I hope anyone who reads this will be forgiving, as I don't really know html, so I just have to figure things out. This site is going to be, a work in progress, until we get a "real" site. You should check this page often, for guild updates, which may be important to you. If you have knowledge, of webdesign, please contact either Dum, or myself (Daalar) to volunteer your help.

Divinus Fold
Divinus Fold, is a guild that split off of The Crimson Blade, because we felt that a guild was supposed to help it's weaker members out, when they needed it. So, in a mass exodus, we followed our leader Dummorizoror, and set up our own shop. Within two two days, we had over twnty people, and were doing exactly what we felt was right. We always are recruiting, any race (alliance that is), and any class. Contact me on Yahoo Messenger @ skiller.rm, or on Skype Daalar

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Divinus Fold

To contact the guild Divinus Fold for recruiting, message Daalar, Dummorizoror, or Mykian

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