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Woodridge XC

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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"- Steve Prefontaine


Cross-country- 1. Categorized for running on rough terrain (trails, grassy terrains ect.) which doesn't involve an oval track. 2. A sport which requires the humility and pain by the human body. 

    When defining Cross-country I use the word "humility" since Cross-country is a sport involving only yourself and the competition surrounding you.  I use the word "pain" since the sport contains the body's ability to withhold the amount of pain (cramps, lactic acid buildup, yourself, extreme fatigue) to complete a successful journey that only your body can experience.

    Woodridge Cross-country is one of the most successful athletic associations that Woodridge has to offer.  It is the sport that is looked forward to during the fall by many of the runner's and certainly by the coaches.  The races are each five kilometers (3.1 miles) in length and are run on many rough terrains including the CVNP invitational which we host at the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks.  The team is currently (2005) coached by Mr. Jeff Howard and Mrs. Susan Morgan.  Both were extremely successful at high school and collegiate levels, and still carry the torch of success into Woodridge Cross-country.  




From left to right Matt Weiss, Scott Hilditch, Tim Shaw, Joey McCoy, Brian Himelright,

Danny Petrak, David Petrak Aaron DeBord.


Returning 2004 State Qualifiers!


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