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These are the dinosaurs that your raptor character may encounter in a game of Talon.

Prey Dinosaurs

These are the most common dinosaurs in the area. All raptors prey on them.

1) Gastonia~ A large herbivore that is related to the more commonly known ankylosaur. It is a medium-sized dinosaur and is commonly found grazing in small groups on the forest's edge. Gastonia is stalked the most by Utahraptor.

2) Protoceratops~ A small dinosaur related to Triceratops, and is usually seen in open plains. Velociraptor likes to stalk this dinosaur.

3) Stegoceros~ A small pachycephalosaur-related dinosaur that eats plants on the forest floor. These are considered delectibles since they are quite small but for smaller raptors may have to watch out- they can charge and ram them.

4) Struthiomimus~ A more challenging dinosaur hunt is the struthiomimus - they run extremely fast and raptors will have to keep up with them because Struthiomimus usually never stops until it feels it isn't in danger.

5) Zuniceratops~ A small dinosaur related to Triceratops, and is usually seen in open plains. Velociraptor and Dromeosaurus likes to stalk this dinosaur.

6) Edmontosaurus~ The largest prey animal in the area is the edmontosaurus. Deinychosaurus's and Utahraptors can only really tackle this dinosaur, due to its size. Edmontosaurus likes to eat any kind of plant if it can reach it, so you can probably find them in any place.

Competition and Predators of Raptors

1) Acrocanthosaurus~ The largest carnivore in this land, the acrocanthosaurus is an constant nuisance to the raptors. Its size is terrifying - 45 feet in length! Luckily there has only one been seen.

2) Baryonyx~ A large carnivore that mostly eats fish and small dinosaurs - including small raptors such as Velociraptor and Dromeosaurus.

3) Albertosaurus ~ The second largest meat-eater. It is a nuisance for the smaller raptors and has been known to attack lone Utahraptors. It is related to Tyrannosaurus.

4)Other Raptors~ Other raptor species are enemies of each other.