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When creating your character, you need to know how to correctly create it. We want characters that are realistic, nothing like "Biddy the Dromeosaurus is an abnormal dinosaur- he is pink and has purple spots and has sixteen eyes!". So keep it real. Try to make your character unique but still following the guidelines below. NOTE: It is best that your print this out when you make your character up.

1)Creating your Character's name: When creating a character's name try to make it sound interesting, cool, and raptor-like. You can name him or her "Spike" or "Mr. Chops" but that takes the whole coolness factor away, and it sounds quite stupid. Make this your screenname as well, and only add other raptor characters to your Buddy List (I call it your Pack List)

2)Choosing your race / species: There are four kinds of raptors to choose from:

1. Dromeosaurus~ A small raptor that was covered in scales and preyed upon small to medium sized herbivores. It stands 3 feet at the hip and it is about 6-7 feet long. 2. Deinychosaurus~ is the second largest raptor in this land. It has small feathers that run down its back. It stands 5 feet at the hip and is about 9-10 feet long. 3. Velociraptor~ the smallest raptor in the land. It is covered short feathers and it preys on small herbivores. It stands 2 feet at the hip and is about 5-6 feet long. 4. Utahraptor~ is the largest raptor. It has some plumage atop of its neck and has a large appetite for dinosaurs of all sizes. It stands about 8 feet at the hip and is 13-15 feet long.

3)Physical Description~ Depending on your character's species, physcial description describes your character's size, color, or any else that would relate to te body (such as scars). Smaller species of raptors may hav been more colorful (red, yellow, white, etc.), while the larger breeds would have more dull colors such as brown, tan or gray. Scars and some small abnormalities may be seen in raptors, such as a bent tail or a large scar across the eye.

4)Personality~ Raptors are intelligent animals. They can have a large mean streak, a calm personality, a caring personality or a playful one. This is what makes your raptor character unique. You can also add phobias to here as well.

5)Gender-Choose your characterto b male or female. It is best to choose your gender as your character's. There is a Mating Season you know!