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FOR   L.M.S.

#1. All L.M.S. wars will be best out of 5 rounds the first team to get 3 wins wins the war

#2. if you are destroyed in any way (vmaxed or sams or crash or shotdown) you may hit

enter but must stay on the ground until the next round starts.

#3. we prefer that awax is not a target but is up to the commanders of each team to

determine in pregame rules.

#4. Vulching is up to the commanders to set in pregame rules. (not preferred)

#5 We reserve the right to use war callsigns during any war

#6. forfeits- there is several ways a forfeit will occur

#1. not following rules set above

#2. not following rules set by commanders in pregame briefings

so please brief all of the pilots before the war of all rules set by the commanders

#3.TIME- if 1 team can not get there team together with in 30min. of start time it will be an automatic forfeit

start time will be set by commanders in pregame rules

No trash talking in public games and open chat

Only C.O. can communicate with other squad during war