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JUNE: 23 2005: Having problems with the full server may be able to get it up in at least 2-3 weeks. Good news though I got angelfire to upload our trailor. You can see the trailor by clicking here. Thank you guys and i will be working on the downloads page next. Thanks!                              

JUNE: 21 2005: Updates have been added as of now, the contacts page is currently up and running. New Server information... Good news we can now host a full server! We must only purchase a domain name, and then we can have unlimited amount of server space. Enjoy! Please take your time and view the contacts page let me know what might need to be done and/or edited. Thanks!

JUNE: 18 2005: Page is barely up and running links will be added as i go. So please don't report broken links. Film Productions In progress. Website Template is successful. Thanks everyone for the extra help with gfx and info.