This site's main purpose is to host custom maps for the Playstation 2 version of Timesplitters 2.

The reason we created this site is because we believe maps (especially story maps) are much more fun to play when you know nothing about them. While there are some sites out there that post diagrams and instructions on how to build maps, it's just not the same to play a story map that you had to reconstruct yourself. After building the map, you know the layout, the objective locations and enemy placement. It's just not cool.

Please note, in order to download and play custom maps from this site you will need an X-Port. (You can also use an old SharkPort if you have one, however they are not manufactured anymore, see the NEWS section for more info.) You can buy them online at, or at a local video game store. The best place to buy an XPort is direct from the manufacturer at - CODE JUNKIES

The X-Port will allow you to transfer the Timesplitters2 "Saved Maps" files from your PS2's memory card onto your computer's hard drive. You can then email your X-Port files to us, we will host them on the internet so you can trade and share your missions throughout the world.

SEND US YOUR MAPS Email your X-Port or SharkPort files containing your custom maps to and we will post them here for everyone to enjoy.